Saturday, February 25, 2012

There is no life after death - is just an illusion

Doctors from several prestigious universities and hospitals around the world claim to have identified the causes of so-called "experience of dying" click here for video and is convinced that this is not the metaphysical experiences and evidence of a world beyond, but rather, the an involuntary reaction to the brain before and stop all functions.


Studies conducted on several patients during the terminal phase showed the presence of a large electrical activity in the brain in moments before death, which is the reason why those who talk back to the presence of bright lights, the feeling of leaving one's own body and meeting with the dead.

"I think the experience of dying that are caused by lightning, unknown until now, since the brain is running out of oxygen," says Chawla Lakhmir, neurologist at the University of George Washington. "When sagvin flow decreases and oxygen no longer reaches the brain, nerve cells send an electrical impulse last. It starts in one part of the brain and flows like a waterfall, giving psychic sensations victims of their last seconds life, "said the specialist.
 "We see death as a time limit, without realizing it's just a natural process, and another reversible. Death occurs when the heart stops beating. Consider, however, that modern medicine can resuscitate people whose hearts stopped at least 3-4 hours. I am convinced that the experiences of dying are experienced by many of us but simply can not remember us, "said Sam parties, doctor Cornwell Medical Center in New York and also researcher at the University of Southampton.

The two experts say that their findings are only a first step in understanding the processes occurring in the brain at death and that studies should continue for a full understanding of these phenomena.

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  1. Din fericire exista viata dupa moarte...thanks God...
    Apropo, e un tip Michael Tsarion, care e f PENIBIL.
    Zice ca la inceput a fost symbolul si nu cuvantul. Ceea ce e absolut aberant. Pot sa iti fac demonstratia asta oricand.
    Una din problemele mari ale lumii este credinta in simbol si nu in idee / cuvant...
    Nu ainevoie de o poza cu cineva care se trezeste ca spirit din corp :))) ca sa exprimi ideea asta care e mai degraba senzoriala. Sentimentul ca Dumnezeu e cu tine este profund, il simti in aancul sufletului, iti da un tremur de neoprit si respiratii lente si profunde, simti ca timpul sta. Asta iti da Dumnezeu. El nu iti vinde vise si mai ales nu se foloseste de laptopuri si de idei false ca sa iti induca idei false despre lume. Tsarion asta si cei din jurul lui (Maxwell) sunt niste adepti ai teozofiei (Helena Blavatzki) si m-am convins de calitatea josnica a ideilor pe care le promoveaza. Este absolut de inteles de ce Iisus este perceput in zilele noastre ca Lucifer si ca entitate mistica, alchimica (vezi mitul lui Horus). Din momentul in care au aprut icoanele, simbolurile si chipul cioplit (steaua Remfan, pentagrama, steaua cu 8 colturi) toate intentiile bune ale lui Dumnezeu au fost terfelite si denaturate...Asta face Tsarion, distrage atentia de la adevar si trimite spre nu stiu ce societati secrete si extraterestri (care nu exista btw)...
    Yehushuha cel original este Mihail si nu Lucifer (Jesus-ul zilelor noastre cu penisul alchimic pe care nu il are de la tatsu Osiris refacut din bucatzele de Isis...)
    In 2000 de ani nu crezi ca orice adevar e facut bucatzi ?...:))))
    Eu cred si afirm asta cu tarie.

    Apropo, exista o distinctie clara intre suflare de viata / spirit si sufler sau eul inalt...Ar trebui sa studiezi putin si lucrurile mai subtile. Nu totul este stiinta in lumea asta.