Aardvark - mysterious pig ant

For many the term 'African mammals' smart one of the big picture in mind herbivores or carnivores that form spectacular megafauna of Africa, one of the most impressive features of the nature of this continent. We often forget that not all large mammals - even in Africa - and the Black Continent fauna includes hundreds of species of medium, small or very small and they have their purpose in the complex mosaic of life, their role in increase inhabit ecosystems

Război printre gheţuri: lupi contra boi moscaţiWar among the ice: Musk oxen against wolves.

Over the frozen stretches of northern Canada and Greenland, Nature has directed the millennia one of the most spectacular and dramatic clash of the animal world. In a terribly harsh environment where only the strong survive, the duel between packs of wolves tireless arctic musk oxen and sheep dârjilor is a story of life and death that shows us once again the complexity and natural living world.

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