devil's contractSix characters who sold their soul to the devil ( VIDEO ) 

There had always been rumors of people who sold their soul to the devil, and that especially during Christian, although the pact with evil forces exist in almost all myths and cultures. Financial success, beauty or ability to do special things have been labeled as supernatural powers obtained through a secret pact with an entity, other than as malicious (?), In exchange, of course, the soul. Musicians, writers, artists of all kinds, were often accused signed a pact with the devil in exchange for their virtuosity, wealth or fame. In the following we will present six stories of such people, perhaps most known in the business of selling Souls 

  Top 10 Mysteries of the Bible.

Biblia! Exista oare in cunoasterea umana vreun obiect, vreun loc sau o persoana despre care sa se poata dezbate, acuza si povesti mai mult decat despre…

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