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Six characters who sold their soul to the devil ( VIDEO )

devil's contract 
There had always been rumors of people who sold their soul to the devil, and that especially during Christian, although the pact with evil forces exist in almost all myths and cultures. Financial success, beauty or ability to do special things have been labeled as supernatural powers obtained through a secret pact with an entity, other than as malicious (?), In exchange, of course, the soul. Musicians, writers, artists of all kinds, were often accused signed a pact with the devil in exchange for their virtuosity, wealth or fame. In the following we will present six stories of such people, perhaps most known in the business of selling Souls

Urbain Grandier (1590 - 1634)

Urbain Grandier is the name of that link, probably the best known case of accusation and condemnation to death for acts deal with the devil and witchcraft. Grandier was, as few would expect a priest. A Catholic priest in the Church Sainte Croix, in Loudon, catholic diocese of Poitiers, France. Before, however, the reputation as a man who dressed the monastic robe, Grandier was made known by his amorous adventures and frequent sexual scandals involving women from every social class, a veritable Rasputin of France. In addition, restless priest was also a fervent enemy of the famous Cardinal Richelieu, one against whom he wrote several pamphlets acid and public criticism which has been addressed repeatedly.
Urbain Grandier

The scandal began in 1632, the year that Mother Superior of the Ursuline nuns of Loudun convent, Sister Jeanne des Anges, had publicly accused Grandier that sent a powerful demon, Asmodai on to commit improper acts with her. Soon, most nuns had made similar complaints. Against priest stood up absolutely everyone, including personal lawyer and an adviser of the king of France, both parents of young seduced by Grandier, and that without the call here on its main enemy, Cardinal Richelieu.

In front of an audience of over 7000 people, experts exorcists of the Catholic Church (Capuchin father, tranquil, the Franciscan and the Jesuit Lactance, Jean-Joseph Surin) had the biggest exorcism of French history. Ursuline nuns were exorcised all public, claiming that priests were able to identify no more than 18 powerful demons that posedasera. When he tried to defend Grandier asking nuns to answer simple questions in Greek (speaking of unknown tongues is a sign of demonic possession), they refused, saying they had completed a deal that never speak not Greek. Instead, home to urban Grandier, Inquisitors have uncovered a document that claimed to be proof of the accused signed the pact with the devil himself and his demons. Act, written in blood, in Latin, from tail to head, is preserved today in the National Library of France (pictured below).

Grandier was burned at the stake on charges of witchcraft and the pact with the devil. Today, skeptics inclined to give justice to those who say it was all just a contest unfortunate circumstances for priest accused of all this evil. Cardinal Richelieu was longing to remove it, sister Jeanne des Anges was refused when he made ​​his amorous advances Grandier and senior officials had seen the king suddenly offspring of the grandparents of Don Juan French. Or maybe it was not only revenge demons Urban Grandier pact signed?

Dr. Johann Georg Faust (1480 -1540)

Because of its association with literary or legendary characters that influenced them, is difficult to determine today the real life character that existed in reality as the Faust. Most likely, Faust was born in Germany in Helmstadt, around the years 1480/1481. By the age of 30 years, Faust complete their studies in his native country and in Krakow, where obtaining a doctorate in theology. Besides this mysterious character is distinguished by his ability as a physician, alchemist, philosopher, magician, astrologer and creator of horoscopes.

Dr. Johann Georg Faust (1480 -1540)

At Cracow he meets Martin Luther and Philip Melachton, characters that Dr. Faust links a strong friendship. Legend says that the two were even witnesses signed the pact that Faust to the devil himself. Rumors have been launched since his lifetime, so that the individual was fired from the University of Ehrfut where teaching ancient philosophy. It is said that it was time to recognize that understanding dark herself. In a conversation with a Franciscan priest, Dr. Klinge, Faust said she would have more trust in demons than God. From such a reputation, Faust is banished from academics and church and get a living selling their horoscopes and trying to turn simple metals into gold by alchemical processes. Following an experiment, the unfortunate doctor is torn by an explosion. The medical report says the time his body was "horribly mutilated" sign interpreted as an act of the devil who came to take their reward. What you strictly followed the literary talent of Frank Baron, Marlowe, and Thomas Mann Ghoete.

Herman Hermit (XIII AD)

Herman the Hermit is a character as controversial as it is mysterious. The name is linked to the appearance on the world cultural scene of the largest medieval document known to date - the famous Devil's Bible, Codex gigas, and yet, nothing, except a short legend, does not speak of the life that created (improperly said) gigantic work.

Legend has it that somewhere in the thirteenth century, the Benedictine monastery of Podlazice (today Czech Republic), a certain priest Herman had committed a sin so difficult that may not even be uttered. Confratelui shocked that their rulers Benedictine monastery decided, by mutual agreement, the only punishment that Herman would have deserved its building was alive. Terrified by the prospect that reserved to him the other monks, Herman would have begged in tears to spare her life. Instead, he would be followed to write in a single night a book to include all teaching world, the largest and most comprehensive book ever written. Astonished, the priests would have agreed to offer an evening sinner yet to prove what may. Last night the hermit Herman did, as I say, a pact with the devil. In exchange for his soul, the devil would have written what remains in history as the Codex gigas - Devil's Bible, and it would be saved from dying painful Herman.
Codex Gigas Herman

Mysteries manuscript begins, but, until now. Weighing 75 kg and a length of about one meter, tanned skin required codex of 160 donkeys to be complete. It takes at least two strong men to be transported. In addition to some variant of Vulgar Latin Bible, the Bible, filled with demonic images and a huge portrait of the devil, Codex gigas also contains Etymologia of Isidore of Seville, History of the Jewish historian Flavius ​​Joseph, Chronicle of Bohemia by Cosmas of Prague, many treatment of history, medicine, and etymology, a list of monks of the monastery Podlazice, a calendar with an obituary, a lot of magic formulas, spells and local notes. The entire document is written in Vulgar Latin and notes last stop in 1229. Graphology experts say Codex author was a single character and not more, as used in the Middle Ages. Curious is that to achieve such a monumental document, would be required at least 30 years (meaning that Herman had written a line every 20 seconds and that would have spent several hours each illustration). And yet, handwriting data indicate that there is even the slightest change in writing or any sign of fatigue, changes inevitable for a man during so many years.

Another mystery surrounding the disappearance and the Codex is the 7 pages of the original 320. Nobody knows where and when pages have disappeared, but rumors say that their absence is due to the very content that could seriously affect the Benedictine order. In addition, Devil's Bible has earned a reputation of Plaza real bad, it brings havoc on most of its owners, to mental illness, fire and destruction seemingly without explanation. Currently, Codex gigas is kept at the Royal Library in Stockholm, Sweden.

Niccolo Paganini (1782 - 1840)

Certainly few who read this material may think of the great Italian composer and violinist as an individual who has got talent after a pact with the devil. But a closer look at weather sources shows that Paganini was not safe from evil rumors and more, he never chose not to rebut. In fact, since his birth in a poor family without gambling merchant, his mother had a premonition dream, in which he was told that her son will get the greatest violinist the world has ever known. Following this dream, his parents have done everything to fulfill prophecy. By the age of seven years, learned by heart the secrets of Paganini's violin and mandolin, the first instrument that he played. By the age of 11 years began to give performances alone for up to 13 years is already known as a violin virtuoso. Up to 19 years began to compose his own music and at age 23 already created huge works of value. At 27 he already had a huge public success and crazy ... and rumors of collusion to assure such a reputation already circulating on everyone's lips. Curiously, when asked if such a rumor is true, Paganini said nonchalantly: "How else do you think I could play the way they do?".

Niccolo Paganini

Paganini's decline began at the age of 40 years, when he was diagnosed with syphilis. Empirical treatments of the time, treatments that included mercury and opium have practically destroyed health. Always dressed in black, pale, almost without any teeth, Paganini was only a shadow of the beautiful and talented young astounded Europe. People were convinced that Paganini now paying the price which had given talent unnatural.

Robert Johnson (1911 - 1938)

Except for blues enthusiasts, few people know the legend of the black singer with a meteoric rise on the American music scene. Robert Johnson was born on a plantation in rural Mississippi in 1911. Desire to the highest since childhood, was to play the guitar and becoming a famous blues man but, apparently, wanted serious talent left in this regard. Then, during the teenage years, Johnson was advised to take their guitars and old tune of unsuccessful attempts to compose blues, and his fortune, at midnight, at a crossroads.

Robert Johnson (1911 - 1938)

Even Robert said he did so at the crossing roads near Dockery Plantation, where, at midnight, a man met a solid color (devil). It would have taken for a second guitar young, would be given a few agreements and would be bound blues, then I would be lying back guitar. Covenant was made​​. Robert Johnson sold his soul in exchange for their talent. And soon, Johnson became famous, one of the greatest blues singers of United States history. His plays have come to influence musicians and famous bands, from Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Johnny Winter. Moreover, Eric Clapton said in a television interview that Robert Johnson was "the most important blues musician who ever lived." The sign of the devil? Pure coincidence? Nobody will never know. The fact is that Johnson died only 27 years, poisoned, apparently, the jealous husband of a woman who asks her to dance ..


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