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Top 10 Mysterious People.

Top 10 Mysterious People

Over the centuries, history is filled with wonderful tales of mysterious people – many of whom are never identified. This list is a selection of the most significant or mysterious people of this variety. As usual, if you know of other fascinating people that would suit a similar follow up list, be sure to tell us in the comments.

Monsieur Chouchani
418Px-Emmanuel Levinas
Monsieur Chouchani (died 1968) is the nickname of an anonymous and mysterious Jewish teacher who taught a number of highly regarded students including Emmanual Levinas (pictured above) and Elie Wiesel in Europe after World War II. Very little is known about Chouchani, including his real name. His origins and entire life history were kept a closely guarded secret. His gravestone in Montevideo, Uraguay where he died reads: “The wise Rabbi Chouchani of blessed memory. His birth and his life are sealed in enigma.” The text was written by Elie Wiesel who also paid for the gravestone.
There is no known body of work by Chouchani himself, but he left a very strong intellectual legacy via his students. Chouchani dressed like a vagabond but was a master of vast areas of human knowledge, including science, mathematics, philosophy and especially the Talmud. Most of the details of his life that are known come from the writings and interviews with his students.

The Poe Toaster
The Poe Toaster is the nickname given to a mysterious man who pays annual tribute to Poe by visiting his grave every year. The strange tradition started in 1949 – a century are after Poe’s death, and it occurs every year on the author’s birthday (January 19). According to Wikipedia: “In the early hours of the morning on that date, a black-clad figure, presumed to be male, with a silver-tipped cane enters the Westminster Hall and Burying Ground in Baltimore, Maryland. The individual proceeds to Poe’s grave, where he or she raises a cognac toast. Before departing, the Toaster leaves three red roses and a half-bottle of cognac on the grave.”
The Toaster wears a black hat and coat and hides his face with a hood or scarf. Groups of reporters and admirers are often on hand to watch the event. There have been no attempts to interfere with the Toaster or to unmask him – most likely out of respect for the tradition.
Babushka Lady
During the analysis of the film footage of the assasination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, a mysterious woman was spotted. She was wearing a brown overcoat and a scarf on her head (the scarf is the reason for her name as she wore it in a similar style to Russian grandmothers – also called babushkas). The woman appeared to be holding something in front of her face which is believed to be a camera. She appears in many photos of the scene. Even after the shooting when most people had fled the area, she remained in place and continued to film. Shortly after she is seen moving away to the East up Elm Street. The FBI publically requested that the woman come forward and give them the footage she shot but she never did.
In 1970 a woman called Beverly Oliver came forward and claimed to be the Babushka Woman, though her story contains many inconsistencies. She is generally regarded as a fraud. To this day, no one knows who the Babushka Woman is or what she was doing there. More unusual is her refusal to come forward to offer her evidence.

7 Kaspar Hauser
On May 26, 1828 a teenage boy appeared in the streets of Nuremberg, Germany. He carried a letter with him which was addressed to a captain of 6th cavalry regiment. The anonymous author said that the boy was given into his custody, as an infant, on the 7th October 1812, and that he had never let him “take a single step out of my house”. Now the boy would like to be a cavalryman, thus the captain should take him in or hang him. Hauser claimed that he had, for as long as he could think back, spent his life always totally alone in a darkened 2×1×1.5 metre cell (little more than the size of a one-person bed in area) with only a straw bed to sleep on and a horse carved out of wood for a toy. Hauser claimed that the first human being he ever had had contact with had been a mysterious man who had visited him not long before his release, always taking great care not to reveal his face to him. According to contemporary rumors – probably current as early as 1829 – Kaspar Hauser was the hereditary prince of Baden that was born on September 29, 1812 and had died within a month. It was claimed that this prince had been switched with a dying baby, and had indeed appeared 16 years later as “Kaspar Hauser” in Nuremberg. Hauser died after receiving a stab wound to the chest which was possible self-inflicted. He claimed he had been stabbed by the man who had kept him as an infant.
In 2002, the University of Münster analyzed hair and body cells from locks of hair and items of clothing that were alleged to belong to Kaspar Hauser. The DNA samples were compared to a DNA segment of Astrid von Medinger, a descendant in the female line of Stéphanie de Beauharnais, who would have been Kaspar Hauser’s mother if indeed he had been the hereditary prince of Baden. The sequences were not identical but the deviation observed is not large enough to exclude a relationship, as it could be caused by a mutation.

6 Fulcanelli
Fulcanelli (1839 – ?1953) is a pseudonym of a late 19th century French Alchemist and author whose identity is still unknown. Much mystery surrounds his life and works – leading to him being branded a cultural phenomenon. One of the more extravagant tales retells how his devoted pupil (Eugene Canseliet – pictured above) successfully transformed 100 grams of lead in to gold with the use of a small quantity of “Projection Powder” given to him by his teacher.
It is believed that on the verge of World War II, the Abwehr (German intelligence service) was in active (but fruitless) pursuit of Fulcanelli because of his knowledge of the technology of nuclear weapons. Fulcanelli had met with a French atomic physicist and given him accurate details regarding nuclear weapons technology and he claimed that atomic weaponry had been used against humanity in time long past.
“According to Canseliet (Fulcanelli’s student), his last encounter with Fulcanelli happened in 1953 (years after his disappearance), when he went to Spain and was taken to a castle high in the mountains for a rendezvous with his former master. Canseliet had known Fulcanelli as an old man in his 80s but now the Master had grown younger: he was a man in his 50s. The reunion was brief and Fulcanelli once again disappeared leaving no trace of his whereabouts. At this time, Fulcanelli would have been 114 years old.” [Source]

Ap Cooper 080325 Ms
D. B. Cooper (aka “Dan Cooper”) is a pseudonym given to a notorious aircraft hijacker who, on November 24, 1971, after receiving a ransom payout of $200,000, leapt from the back of a Boeing 727 as it was flying over the Pacific Northwest somewhere over the southern Cascades.
Cooper has not been seen since and it is not known whether he survived the jump. In 1980, an eight year old boy found $5,800 of soggy $20 bills washed up on the banks of the Columbia river. The serial numbers matched those of the ransom money which had been noted to make it easier to track Cooper later.
Cooper escaped from the plane by jumping off the rear airstair with a parachute leading aviation authorities to add stricter measures about the design of planes to prevent it from happening again. In addition, this event caused airports to install metal detectors for the first time.
Comte St Germain
The Count of St. Germain (allegedly died February 27, 1784) was a courtier, adventurer, inventor, amateur scientist, violinist, amateur composer, and a mysterious gentleman; he also displayed some skills associated with the practice of alchemy. He was known as ‘Der Wundermann’ — ‘The Wonderman’. He was a man whose origin was unknown and who disappeared without leaving a trace. In 1745, Horace Walpole wrote of him:
…the other day they seized an odd man, who goes by the name of Count St. Germain. He has been here these two years, and will not tell who he is, or whence, but professes that he does not go by his right name. He sings, plays on the violin wonderfully, composes, is mad, and not very sensible. He is called an Italian, a Spaniard, a Pole; a somebody that married a great fortune in Mexico, and ran away with her jewels to Constantinople; a priest, a fiddler, a vast nobleman. The Prince of Wales has had unsatiated curiosity about him, but in vain. However, nothing has been made out against him; he is released; and, what convinces me that he is not a gentleman, stays here, and talks of his being taken up for a spy.
Since his death, various occult organizations have adopted him as a model figure or even as a powerful deity. In recent years several people have claimed to be the Count of St. Germain.
Man in the Iron Mask
The Man in the Iron Mask (died November 1703) was a prisoner held in a number of Jails (including the Bastille) during the reign of King Louis XIV of France. The true identity of the man is unknown because no one ever saw his face which was hidden by a black velvet mask. Fictional retellings of the story refer to the mask as an “Iron” mask. The first records that mention the prisoner are from 1669 when Louis XIV’s minister placed the prisoner in the care of the governor of the prison of Pignerol.
According to the letter that accompanied him, the man’s name was Eustache Dauger. The letter instructed the governor to prepare a cell with multiple doors – to prevent anyone outside from listening in. The prisoner was told that if he spoke to anyone of anything other than his immediate needs, he would be killed. The Governor was the only person who was to see the prisoner, and he provided him with his daily food. When the prisoner died, all of his belongings were destroyed. To this day, no one knows who he was.
Gil Pérez
Mena 2
Gil Perez was a Spanish soldier who suddenly appeared in Mexico City on October 26, 1593. He was wearing the uniform of the guards of the Del Gobernador Palace in the Philippines. He claimed to have no idea how he had managed to appear in Mexico. He stated that moments before finding himself there, he had been on sentry duty in Manila at the governor’s Palace. He told them that the governor (Don Gómez Pérez Dasmariñas) had just been assassinated.
Two months later, news arrived from the Philippines by ship. They carried news that confirmed that the governor had been killed and they verified other aspects of Perez’s story. Witnesses confirmed that Perez had indeed been on duty in Manila just before arriving in Mexico. In addition, one of the passengers on the ship recognized Perez and swore that he had seen him in the Philippines on October 23. Perez eventually returned to the Philippines and resumed his life – which was uneventful until his death. You can read a more indepth article on Gil Perez here.
Green Children of Woolpit
The Green Children of Woolpit were two children who appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, UK, in the 12th century. The children were brother and sister and they had green colored skin. Their appearance was normal in all other areas. They spoke an unrecognized language and refused to eat anything other than pitch from bean pods. Eventually their skin lost its green color. When they learned English they explained that they were from the ‘Land of St Martin’ which was a dark place because the sun never rose far above the horizon. They claimed that they were tending their father’s herd and followed a river of light when they heard the sounds of bells – finding themselves in Woolpit.
Some of the more unusual theories proposed for the origin of the children are that they were Hollow Earth children, parallel dimension children, or Extraterrestrial children.

War among the ice: Musk oxen against wolves.

Război printre gheţuri: lupi contra boi moscaţi 
Over the frozen stretches of northern Canada and Greenland, Nature has directed the millennia one of the most spectacular and dramatic clash of the animal world. In a terribly harsh environment where only the strong survive, the duel between packs of wolves tireless arctic musk oxen and sheep dârjilor is a story of life and death that shows us once again the complexity and natural living world.

White death

One of the protagonists, the perfect predator in this conflict constantly, is beautiful Arctic wolf, Arctic wolf or white wolf, as it is known.

It was classified by experts as the Canis lupus arctos and is one of the most iconic of wolf subspecies usually gray wolf that lives in our country and the relatively large areas of Eurasia and North America.

As size is a medium sized wolf with approximately the same proportions and weight Carpathian wolf. There is a huge wolf subspecies, such as Siberian wolves (Canis lupus albus) and the MacKenzie River Valley (Canis lupus occidentalis), able to break even bison.

However, it is, undoubtedly, a powerful animal, looking for story, living in the cold and harsh living environment compared to all other subspecies of wolves. Its area of ​​distribution covers the extreme northern tundra of Canada's arctic islands, northeastern Alaska and northern Greenland. It never falls below 70 degrees latitude, being faithful to their land for hunting and perfectly adapted to harsh living conditions in the far north.

Based on osteological evidence, researchers argue that owns these lands continuously over 2 million years. Compared with the rest of subspecies of wolf, arctic wolf is the least endangered by human actions. Environment has taken its very life (so far) away from the hunters, and human activities that destroy so many animal habitats. Land where the kingdom of this gorgeous white wolf is an isolated and harsh.
Few researchers dare to venture here, during the long and dark Arctic winter, when cold at night and 24 hours of 24 master here. Even the Inuit live south of the kingdom of white wolves. For these reasons, many details of life during the year white wolves are still unknown even today.Hardliners of the ice wolves are some real winners, like survivors by definition. They are able to withstand extreme frosts, are doing in darkness for 5 months a year and can withstand starvation for several weeks. They live in small groups from one pair to a pack of more than 20 individuals. Are among subspecies of wolves that live mostly in small families, consisting of one male and one female, both senior and their offspring.
Wolves are usually solitary white adolescents and young males who roam the expanses in search of unoccupied territory and a female available.Because of Arctic permafrost, very difficult to dig to make burrows, caves used arctic wolves, clusters of rocks or uneven soil as permanent burrows or occasional shelter. After a gestation period of between 63-75 days (depending on temperature and amount of food available for wolf mother), the female gives birth, usually, to 2-3 chicken, although in years with abundant prey, there were couples who managed to rise to 12 puppies.

Northern wolves born baby less than their gray counterparts at lower latitudes because of lack of Arctic prey.
Lupuşorii world appear completely helpless, blind and deaf, weighing on average between 300-500 grams. Unlike parents immaculate white coat, babies have a silver gray color. Until they leave the shelter, are totally dependent on their mother. At the age of 3 weeks start to explore the world outside the burrow.

Shaggy irritable

Musk ox, OVIBOS moscatus, known as specialists, is the northernmost member of the family of wild bovine. Live in tundras of North America, Greenland and Siberia, as introduced by humans and in Lapland. His father appeared in North America 200,000 years ago during the Pleistocene.

It is an ancient mammal, species to be contemporary, historical scale, the mammoths, woolly rhinos, cave bears, lions and European Americans. We can rightly say that musk oxen are successful survivors of the last ice age megafauna and worthy representatives of the former current. From a distance, look like typical cattle, buffalo direct relatives, zimbrii, hole, Yaks and other bovine species. Not true!

Despite their name of oxen, every name on their size, these herbivores are related more with wild goats and cattle muflonii than "classic". However, are somewhat intermediate species, linking goats and sheep, on the one hand, and cattle, on the other.

Do not touch the colossal dimensions of the buffalo or bison, but are not some small herbivores. Males, larger and more impressive than females, reaching about 120 cm tall at the withers, with an average weight of 285 kg, although individuals were shot and reached 400 kg.

Those who escape the raids wolves have a lifespan of 12-20 years.
Both sexes have horns, which presents a curious, like African wild buffalo horns form. Their image caractersitică, unmistakable among herbivores, due to extremely thick fur and long, without which it could survive the terrible Arctic blizzards.

The color is a brown-black-gray and the flanks and belly fur is so long that it touches the ground. The coat is not only a warm coat against the bitter cold, but often act as a final assault armor to the swarms of mosquitoes in the short Arctic summer or wolf bites. Experts estimated that currently between 80,000 to 125,000 live musk oxen. A stable population, if not speeding hunting.

The only areas where musk oxen were reintroduced successfully are Taimîr peninsula in Siberia and Lapland. (Bulgarians tried to introduce the Stara Planina mountains, in late 1970. But next summer introduction, musk oxen died, unable to adapt to high temperatures.)

In summer, grazing in wetlands and river valleys and climb to higher altitudes in winter to avoid deep snow. In addition to arctic wolves, which are their natural enemies par excellence, musk oxen May accidentally fall victim grizzly and the polar bears.
They live in herds where, in summer, reaching 80 copies, and winter is split into smaller groups of 8-20 copies. The mating type male lead fierce battles for the conquest of the status of head of sheep and unlimited access to females.

Like all wolves, and the Arctic gather in packs when you start looking for larger prey, namely reindeer and musk oxen. When the pups are small, wolves are not likely injury or injuries that may occur in type hunting musk oxen.

Therefore, feeding mainly with rabbits and foxes Arctic polar partridges, lemmings, seals or table scraps left from polar bears. Because of the rarity of prey, wolves whites largest hunting territories among all wild canidele, approximately 2,600 square kilometers.

There are some speed hunters, but persistence, their courage and stamina are unparalleled. If successful hunting, wolves can ingurgitate to 9 pounds of meat at one meal. If they put a piece of flesh is regurgitated to feed them when parents return to burrows.

When seen a herd of musk oxen, show life and death in the cold Arctic, will enter the final stage.
Invariably, wolves would surround the herd and will simulate fakes, until a later herbivores panic and start running in a desperate attempt to save.

That's when the wolves long-awaited experience. Musk oxen are most vulnerable when running.
Lowest chance of success when wolves are sheep have calves that can not keep up with adults, because then the musk oxen use a different defense tactics, tailored to the situation: males are placed in a circle with their heads oriented outward .

In the middle circle sutn housed calves and females. No wolf will not be able to break through the barrier redoubtable angry bulls horns high.
But, as sheep can not stay in place indefinitely, grouped in formation of defense, because herbivores need to go to graze, the defense will break by itself, sooner or later, depending on the state of hunger.

Then, old wolves give final attack signal. Musk oxen have resistance wolves, and the old, sick, feeble or young specimens will remain invariant after flock launched furious gallop.

Like some perfect tacticians, wolves isolate the most vulnerable victims of the rest of the flock. The most experienced wolf grabs the bot ox and immobilizes them so have time remaining pack members and positioned to move the shield of fur and torn abdomen.

Once the bull was shot down, pack leader unclenches its jaws on the victim's nose and proceeds to the table with his subordinates. A life has just passed, coloring in red ice, while others grow and develop life in perfect balance. Laws of nature have been observed without blemish. Life has given life and death was only a transient presence, but so necessary ...

Six characters who sold their soul to the devil ( VIDEO )

devil's contract 
There had always been rumors of people who sold their soul to the devil, and that especially during Christian, although the pact with evil forces exist in almost all myths and cultures. Financial success, beauty or ability to do special things have been labeled as supernatural powers obtained through a secret pact with an entity, other than as malicious (?), In exchange, of course, the soul. Musicians, writers, artists of all kinds, were often accused signed a pact with the devil in exchange for their virtuosity, wealth or fame. In the following we will present six stories of such people, perhaps most known in the business of selling Souls

Urbain Grandier (1590 - 1634)

Urbain Grandier is the name of that link, probably the best known case of accusation and condemnation to death for acts deal with the devil and witchcraft. Grandier was, as few would expect a priest. A Catholic priest in the Church Sainte Croix, in Loudon, catholic diocese of Poitiers, France. Before, however, the reputation as a man who dressed the monastic robe, Grandier was made known by his amorous adventures and frequent sexual scandals involving women from every social class, a veritable Rasputin of France. In addition, restless priest was also a fervent enemy of the famous Cardinal Richelieu, one against whom he wrote several pamphlets acid and public criticism which has been addressed repeatedly.
Urbain Grandier

The scandal began in 1632, the year that Mother Superior of the Ursuline nuns of Loudun convent, Sister Jeanne des Anges, had publicly accused Grandier that sent a powerful demon, Asmodai on to commit improper acts with her. Soon, most nuns had made similar complaints. Against priest stood up absolutely everyone, including personal lawyer and an adviser of the king of France, both parents of young seduced by Grandier, and that without the call here on its main enemy, Cardinal Richelieu.

In front of an audience of over 7000 people, experts exorcists of the Catholic Church (Capuchin father, tranquil, the Franciscan and the Jesuit Lactance, Jean-Joseph Surin) had the biggest exorcism of French history. Ursuline nuns were exorcised all public, claiming that priests were able to identify no more than 18 powerful demons that posedasera. When he tried to defend Grandier asking nuns to answer simple questions in Greek (speaking of unknown tongues is a sign of demonic possession), they refused, saying they had completed a deal that never speak not Greek. Instead, home to urban Grandier, Inquisitors have uncovered a document that claimed to be proof of the accused signed the pact with the devil himself and his demons. Act, written in blood, in Latin, from tail to head, is preserved today in the National Library of France (pictured below).

Grandier was burned at the stake on charges of witchcraft and the pact with the devil. Today, skeptics inclined to give justice to those who say it was all just a contest unfortunate circumstances for priest accused of all this evil. Cardinal Richelieu was longing to remove it, sister Jeanne des Anges was refused when he made ​​his amorous advances Grandier and senior officials had seen the king suddenly offspring of the grandparents of Don Juan French. Or maybe it was not only revenge demons Urban Grandier pact signed?

Dr. Johann Georg Faust (1480 -1540)

Because of its association with literary or legendary characters that influenced them, is difficult to determine today the real life character that existed in reality as the Faust. Most likely, Faust was born in Germany in Helmstadt, around the years 1480/1481. By the age of 30 years, Faust complete their studies in his native country and in Krakow, where obtaining a doctorate in theology. Besides this mysterious character is distinguished by his ability as a physician, alchemist, philosopher, magician, astrologer and creator of horoscopes.

Dr. Johann Georg Faust (1480 -1540)

At Cracow he meets Martin Luther and Philip Melachton, characters that Dr. Faust links a strong friendship. Legend says that the two were even witnesses signed the pact that Faust to the devil himself. Rumors have been launched since his lifetime, so that the individual was fired from the University of Ehrfut where teaching ancient philosophy. It is said that it was time to recognize that understanding dark herself. In a conversation with a Franciscan priest, Dr. Klinge, Faust said she would have more trust in demons than God. From such a reputation, Faust is banished from academics and church and get a living selling their horoscopes and trying to turn simple metals into gold by alchemical processes. Following an experiment, the unfortunate doctor is torn by an explosion. The medical report says the time his body was "horribly mutilated" sign interpreted as an act of the devil who came to take their reward. What you strictly followed the literary talent of Frank Baron, Marlowe, and Thomas Mann Ghoete.

Herman Hermit (XIII AD)

Herman the Hermit is a character as controversial as it is mysterious. The name is linked to the appearance on the world cultural scene of the largest medieval document known to date - the famous Devil's Bible, Codex gigas, and yet, nothing, except a short legend, does not speak of the life that created (improperly said) gigantic work.

Legend has it that somewhere in the thirteenth century, the Benedictine monastery of Podlazice (today Czech Republic), a certain priest Herman had committed a sin so difficult that may not even be uttered. Confratelui shocked that their rulers Benedictine monastery decided, by mutual agreement, the only punishment that Herman would have deserved its building was alive. Terrified by the prospect that reserved to him the other monks, Herman would have begged in tears to spare her life. Instead, he would be followed to write in a single night a book to include all teaching world, the largest and most comprehensive book ever written. Astonished, the priests would have agreed to offer an evening sinner yet to prove what may. Last night the hermit Herman did, as I say, a pact with the devil. In exchange for his soul, the devil would have written what remains in history as the Codex gigas - Devil's Bible, and it would be saved from dying painful Herman.
Codex Gigas Herman

Mysteries manuscript begins, but, until now. Weighing 75 kg and a length of about one meter, tanned skin required codex of 160 donkeys to be complete. It takes at least two strong men to be transported. In addition to some variant of Vulgar Latin Bible, the Bible, filled with demonic images and a huge portrait of the devil, Codex gigas also contains Etymologia of Isidore of Seville, History of the Jewish historian Flavius ​​Joseph, Chronicle of Bohemia by Cosmas of Prague, many treatment of history, medicine, and etymology, a list of monks of the monastery Podlazice, a calendar with an obituary, a lot of magic formulas, spells and local notes. The entire document is written in Vulgar Latin and notes last stop in 1229. Graphology experts say Codex author was a single character and not more, as used in the Middle Ages. Curious is that to achieve such a monumental document, would be required at least 30 years (meaning that Herman had written a line every 20 seconds and that would have spent several hours each illustration). And yet, handwriting data indicate that there is even the slightest change in writing or any sign of fatigue, changes inevitable for a man during so many years.

Another mystery surrounding the disappearance and the Codex is the 7 pages of the original 320. Nobody knows where and when pages have disappeared, but rumors say that their absence is due to the very content that could seriously affect the Benedictine order. In addition, Devil's Bible has earned a reputation of Plaza real bad, it brings havoc on most of its owners, to mental illness, fire and destruction seemingly without explanation. Currently, Codex gigas is kept at the Royal Library in Stockholm, Sweden.

Niccolo Paganini (1782 - 1840)

Certainly few who read this material may think of the great Italian composer and violinist as an individual who has got talent after a pact with the devil. But a closer look at weather sources shows that Paganini was not safe from evil rumors and more, he never chose not to rebut. In fact, since his birth in a poor family without gambling merchant, his mother had a premonition dream, in which he was told that her son will get the greatest violinist the world has ever known. Following this dream, his parents have done everything to fulfill prophecy. By the age of seven years, learned by heart the secrets of Paganini's violin and mandolin, the first instrument that he played. By the age of 11 years began to give performances alone for up to 13 years is already known as a violin virtuoso. Up to 19 years began to compose his own music and at age 23 already created huge works of value. At 27 he already had a huge public success and crazy ... and rumors of collusion to assure such a reputation already circulating on everyone's lips. Curiously, when asked if such a rumor is true, Paganini said nonchalantly: "How else do you think I could play the way they do?".

Niccolo Paganini

Paganini's decline began at the age of 40 years, when he was diagnosed with syphilis. Empirical treatments of the time, treatments that included mercury and opium have practically destroyed health. Always dressed in black, pale, almost without any teeth, Paganini was only a shadow of the beautiful and talented young astounded Europe. People were convinced that Paganini now paying the price which had given talent unnatural.

Robert Johnson (1911 - 1938)

Except for blues enthusiasts, few people know the legend of the black singer with a meteoric rise on the American music scene. Robert Johnson was born on a plantation in rural Mississippi in 1911. Desire to the highest since childhood, was to play the guitar and becoming a famous blues man but, apparently, wanted serious talent left in this regard. Then, during the teenage years, Johnson was advised to take their guitars and old tune of unsuccessful attempts to compose blues, and his fortune, at midnight, at a crossroads.

Robert Johnson (1911 - 1938)

Even Robert said he did so at the crossing roads near Dockery Plantation, where, at midnight, a man met a solid color (devil). It would have taken for a second guitar young, would be given a few agreements and would be bound blues, then I would be lying back guitar. Covenant was made​​. Robert Johnson sold his soul in exchange for their talent. And soon, Johnson became famous, one of the greatest blues singers of United States history. His plays have come to influence musicians and famous bands, from Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Johnny Winter. Moreover, Eric Clapton said in a television interview that Robert Johnson was "the most important blues musician who ever lived." The sign of the devil? Pure coincidence? Nobody will never know. The fact is that Johnson died only 27 years, poisoned, apparently, the jealous husband of a woman who asks her to dance ..