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(VIDEO) Looking to the past to unlock secrets of the universe: SKA project.

Privind în trecut pentru a descifra secretele Universului: proiectul SKA
Are there aliens? What happened immediately after the Big Bang? How to form stars and black holes? These questions express just some of the mysteries could be solved by "the largest scientific project in history": radio telescope Square Kilometer Array (SKA).

What is SKA?

SKA is considered astronomical equivalent of particle accelerator at CERN - a giant project that will try to answer many questions on the origin of the universe, the forces in the universe and even the question "there is intelligent life on other planets?». Created by a collaboration of 67 organizations in 20 countries, SKA will reveal unexplored elements of the universe, providing answers to fundamental questions in physics, astrophysics, astrobiology and cosmology.

Radiotelescoapele explores the universe by detecting electromagnetic radiation emitted by objects in space. This method provides another perspective on the universe from optical telescopes, allowing astronomers to study the parts of space can not be seen with optical telescopes (one example being the portions covered with dust).

SKA will consist of 3,000 satellite dishes, each measuring 15 meters in diameter, and several million complementary receptors, all instruments will collect radio waves emitted by stars, galaxies and quasars.

Antennas will be spread over a wide area, the maximum distance between the antennas is 3,000 km. Large distances between the antennas enable the creation of a virtual receiver with a total area of a square kilometer (hence the name of the project - Square Kilometer Array). Antennas and receivers will be placed in a spiral arrangement, its purpose being the formation of five arms that extend around a nucleus.

Approximately 50% of the antennas and receivers will be placed in the core, which will extend over 5 kilometers, 25% over a distance of 200 kilometers around the nucleus, the rest stretching up to 3,000 kilometers away from the nucleus.

To illustrate the level of detail with which the SKA radio telescope will search the sky, scientists involved in the project explained that the SKA could detect if a planet at a distance of 50 light-years radar is turned on and those on modern airports.

This revolutionary radio telescope will be 50 times more sensitive and 10,000 times faster than any existing telescope today, will one day lead to a few exabytes, or 10 times more data than all data transmitted over the Internet in a one day. For comparison, the largest scientific project in history, the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator produces 100 times less data.

Estimated project cost is huge: 1.5 to 2 billion euros. SKA benefits are as: "This project will have a significant impact on how we perceive our place in the universe and bring new information about past and future of the universe. We know that we discover new things, "said Michiel van Haarlem, Interim CEO of SKA project.
A gigantic project, which will develop long-term

To illustrate the size of the project, SKA officials gave the example of the amount of fiber needed for the giant radio telescope: long enough to encircle the Earth twice.
Precisely because the magnitude of the project is an unprecedented radio telescope construction will take place in stages with the SKA to be completed until 2024.
The first stage, the system design was developed and its cost was estimated took place between 2008 and 2012. The next step to be completed shortly, is deciding the place to be built radio telescope.
Gigantic project requires a large area in which interference electronics, mobile phones, and even human intervention is minimized. Were submitted two applications: one of South Africa (supported by Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia) and the consortium consisting of Australia and New Zealand. Both South Africa and Australia have no areas of population and other factors that may affect the telescope, and the battle for the project is fierce. The reason? The winning country will receive tens of millions of dollars in related investments that will support the economy by creating jobs and developing high-tech industries. Also, is almost certain that by 2050, the year is estimated project closure will be the starting point in getting the Nobel prizes, bringing prestige and valuable scientists in the host country.
Decision to be taken on April 3, 2012, but very close competition between the two "sides" led to the postponement decision.
The next step after choosing the location site includes detailed development plan and establish its last details of construction. After this step will be completed in 2016 will start the actual construction of SKA, which will last until 2024. The first experiments will be conducted in 2019, while the radio telescope can be used to full capacity in 2024.
To process the data that will produce consistently SKA telescope will require a supercomputer unimaginable today. Scientists say that the supercomputer SKA will make every second 1018 operations, the equivalent number of stars contained in 3 million the size of the Milky Way galaxy. Processing capacity of this supercomputer will be the 100,000,000 ordinary PCs.

What are the objectives SKA?

SKA project will investigate the deepest mysteries of astronomy on the past, the so-called Dark Ages of the Universe (Dark Ages), before forming the first stars. This stage of the history of the universe covers the period that began about 400,000 years after the Big Bang and ended 800 million years after the event that gave birth to the universe.

At the time, the universe cooled enough to allow formation of molecular hydrogen, which has spread in the universe. Over millions of years, gravity acted on molecules of hydrogen, taking advantage of slightly uneven distribution of the gas to condense into stars, then stars in galaxies and galaxies in clusters (local group of galaxies) and super-clusters.

Over time, radiation emitted by newly created stars have ionized hydrogen free process that led to reionizarea entire universe about one billion years after Big Bang. Because neutral hydrogen emit a wavelength of 21 cm and ionized hydrogen does not do so, SKA will be able to study in detail the history of the universe by detecting the radiation and the areas where it is absent.

By developing a "map" that includes the distribution of cosmic hydrogen, astronomers can study how galaxies are formed and evolve and will understand what is truly "dark energy" mysterious force driving the universe to expand at a rate more great. Also, the SKA will allow the study of gravity and relativity theory test under new conditions, looking for "gravitational waves". These waves, whose existence is stated by Einstein's theory, have never been directly detected.

Precision radio telescope SKA will allow the thorough search of extraterrestrial life through the ability to detect very weak signals emitted by other civilizations. Astronomers want to use the SKA to accurately calculate the position of the nearest 100 million galaxies. Also, scientists will search the space of complex molecules that led to the emergence of life on Earth.

Beyond these projects, the tools included in the world's most powerful telescope can be used in various research so that scientists are convinced that there will be unexpected discoveries.

SKA project effort for realization are comparable to those that have led to great wonders of humanity, but its results will be unprecedented: a better understanding of the forces of the universe and perhaps the discovery of extraterrestrial civilizations.

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Frankenstein revealed: Johann Conrad Dippel story

Frankenstein dezvăluit: povestea lui Johann Conrad Dippel

Most people who read the novel "Frankenstein" the British writer Mary Shelley (an opera classic of the genre) have been fascinated and terrified in equal measure the story of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and the monster that it created. Despite the fame won for short story - thanks to its numerous screenings - few people suspect that Mary Shelley was inspired to design his sinister monster and his creator, the life and works as a character is very real and believable. Moreover, the personality of Johann Conrad Dippel was built entirely fictional correspondent height.

Castle of Frankenstein exist !

In all the movies that bring to the screen story by Mary Shelley published in 1818 image transpires already become a classic, a dangerous and unpredictable scholar, also touched the wing of madness and genius. Anxious character - and eventually odious - terrifying experiments lead, which violates ethics laws and human morality.

At that led to the creation of this character was a man of extraordinary personality and aspirations.
This is
Joseph Konrad Dippel, an alchemist, physician and scholar of German pietist. "Scientist cursed", as it was called then, saw daylight on August 10, 1673 in Castle Frankenstein, a fortress medivală located about 5 km south of Darmstadt and whose ruins can be visited and admired today. In fact, thanks to the novel and movie fame, the castle quickly became a tourist attraction sought full advantage of "brand" Frankenstein.

Naturally curious, restless, challenging and equally bold, Johann Conrad Dippel thoroughly studied theology, philosophy and alchemy at the University of Giessen, receiving a prestigious master's degree in theology, around the year 1693.

Attracted to the religious dimension of everyday life, controversial character later published numerous works were the subject of theology, as the christianus Democritus, many of them keeping it up today. Was restless and curious nature to thrust into many ideological disputes, such as those of the years 1700-1702, the time Conrad was engaged in a heated controversy with influential figure of the time, Conrad Broeske, Reformed preacher of the Court Offenbach.

Although, initially, Dippel shared the same vision and hope for millennial inspiration in the awaited revival of Christianity, with its rival Conrad Broeske, the friendship between the two theologians ended abruptly. Dippel openly accused the authorities Broeske compromise, after the latter refused to publish incendiary manifesto, entitled more than suggestive "papistic scourge of Protestants".

Theologian's controversial reputation has earned him both Dippel opponents and supporters throughout Western Europe. Famous Emanuel Swedenborg began as a supporter of his ideas Dippel, ending finally in the role of its fierce opponent, characterizing it with phrases like "the devil who tried things feared witchcraft". Swedenborg said he was at first a supporter of writings with a rich emotional and Dippel's claimed his ideas on the dissolution of traditional church beliefs in favor of a freer and more personal. Swedenborg claimed and rejected the Bible as a credible source of the word of God, another extreme idea promoted by Dippel.


But then, all Swedenborg described as a man "without principles, a fire which was opposed to everything and everyone, who rejected any principle of faith, becoming angry at anyone attempting to coerce him in any way". Swedenborg to religious intuition as an opportunist who used his charisma to theological and ideological self-interest financial and social influence. A dangerous man, who had the power to divert them from others-traditional dogmatic faith, after taking advantage of them, leaving behind only a sadness and religious delusions.

Father of Prussian blue?

Dippel had an adventurous life, often reaching the middle of trouble, mainly because of his controversial ideas and virulent, and because of financial problems. At one point he reached the prison, was condemned for heresy.

Dark side was not mellowed at all the experience behind bars, so that after release they start to create a mixture of animal fats, known among occultists as "Dippel's oil." Our character claimed grease produced by him was neither more nor less than a true "Elixir of Life", an original version miraculous elixir properties, sought for centuries by alchemists.

Dippel was so confident in the "elixir" of his, that at one point tried to buy Castle Frankenstein in return for his formula. Obviously, he was refused ...

According to some authors, Johann Dippel and an obscure manufacturer of pigments, called Diesbach were used grease in question, which was added potassium carbonate to obtain a dye in a new shade of red. To the surprise of both, the mixture came in the form of a blue pigment, known then as the names of Prussian blue and Prussian Blue and used until today in painting.

Adventurous and occult: a dangerous mixJohann Dippel has remained a passionate search and travel into the unknown. While they lived in Castle Frankenstein dealt serious personal further research in alchemy and human and animal anatomy.Legend says that it would have taken away any dangerous experiments, as for example one in which he worked with nitroglycerin, and the experiment would have ended with a powerful explosion that destroyed one of the towers of the castle. The event is treated today as a myth, based on obvious facts: nitroglycerin had not been discovered while living Dippel, and the castle archives never mentions anywhere of any destruction of the tower.Other rumors about it spread to the area with a macabre air inventive fantasy.For example, it seems that Johann Dippel had done many terrible experiments on cadavers, experiments in which lunatics character tried to transfer the soul of a dead body in the other.Although attempts to transfer his soul into the bodies was a basic component of activity alchemists of the time, no clear evidence on Dippel's involvement in such experiments, except zvonisticii weather and local folklore.There is no written evidence on his expulsion from the castle and town after rumors about his activities reached the ears of the authorities since.However, fame has already spread to Europe, as some countries such as Sweden and Russia they had already injunction on their territory. His writings outrageous and religious controversies caused by his ideas is already transformed into an undesirable character.Although there is no evidence to involve him in experiments on human cadavers, Dippel has made many such actions on the bodies of animals. Known as a passionate dissection, Dippel argued in his dissertation entitled "Diseases and Remedies of Life hidden in meat," that he found himself Elixir of Life, and effective methods of exorcism of demons, all made it through potion - concoctions of meat and animal bones that dissect and study.

Johann Heinrich Jung, one of his contemporaries claimed that towards the end of his life, Dippel had lost all trace of Christian faith, mainly because it considered acidic dispute with various officials of the Church.

Christ called him "a being indifferent" Dippel and energy channeled exclusively towards his experiments with the occult, alchemical flavor. Înjeghebat has its own laboratory in Wittgenstein, lab finally reached a pub will be called after him, Dippelshof. Since then, reports on its activities become more vague and difficult to follow. At that time, Dippel was repeatedly accused of robbing graves, experiments on human cadavers and, especially, by working closely with the Devil ... Obviously, given the social climate of the times and his exploits, Dippel could not miss such an accusation!

Dippel has been faithful to their convictions and experiments, some authors claiming that the rumors deliberately maintained the fact that he sold his soul in exchange for secret knowledge Evil prohibited ordinary mortals.

In the same vein, Dippel did not hesitate to cultivate the aura of black magician, who prepared him to succeed among those willing to pay in exchange for access to the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir of Life.

Thread of his life ended abruptly on April 25, 1734. Probably the most controversial German occultist, Johann Conrad Dippel died Wittgenstein Castle near Bad Laasphe. The exact cause of his death, some sources indicate a stroke, while others suggest poisoning. In more than ironic, one year before he died, Dippel note in a pamphlet that has just discovered an elixir that would be allowed to reach the age of 135 years ...

Dippel and Frankenstein

Dippel's connection with the Castle Frankenstein gave rise to the theory that the controversial theologian occultist was inspirational model of the novel Frankenstein, although the idea itself remains open to debate.

Who first suggested this hypothesis was historian and researcher Romanian Radu Florescu, who in his In Search of Frankenstein, in 1975, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin suggested that the author (the future Mary Shelley, by marriage) visited the castle respectively, while traveling on the Rhine in the company of Percy Shelley, who was to become his spouse. Then, it seems that the two would have heard local stories about the life and works of Johann Dippel.

Victor Frankenstein's monster, here in the filming of the famous novel, played by actor anybody else Boris Karloff

An expert in local history, Walter Scheele, believes that the photos remain in villages around the castle were transmitted by Jacob Grimm Mary Jane Clairmont, who first translated into English Brothers Grimm stories. Coincidentally or not, Mary Jane Clairmont was stepmother author Mary Shelley.

Drawing obvious parallels, it seems that the myth about Johann Dippel as the man behind the character Victor Frankenstein is somewhat similar to forced connection is still where Dracula and Vlad Tepes historical character.

Although several non-fiction works support the hypothesis historian Radu Florescu, debate on the relationship between Victor Frankenstein and Johann Conrad Dippel is still open. In any case, Dippel remains an interesting character, a rebel original in its way, a personality whose life deserves thorough and researched today.

Stephen Hawking could communicate through the power of thought.

A device the size of a matchbox called iBRAIN, could help English physicist Stephen Hawking, paralyzed by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis effect, to communicate the power of thought.
iBRAIN is a new generation of portable devices and neural algorithms designed to monitor and diagnose certain conditions such as apnea, depression and autism. Invented by a team of scientists led by Philip Low, chief executive of NeuroVigil, the device stands out as a possible alternative to expensive techniques used in laboratories for sleep research.
Using a single channel for collecting electrical signals the brain that changes depending on the activity and thought, but according to the pathologies that accompany certain mental disorders, the invention can collect data in real time when the patient lies in bed or watching television.
To decipher the most difficult where, passing through many winding ("cute") of the brain and then the skull, Dr. Low has created an algorithm, called Spears, back in 2007.
"The idea was to see if Stephen can use his mind to create a consistent and repeatable model that a computer can translate it in a word, letter or command," said Low. To implement this experiment, Low and his team traveled to Cambridge, Stephen Hawking's office. They asked him to use iBRAIN physicist and imagine that playing with a ball in his right hand. Although scientist can not move your hand, the motor cortex can issue the command generating electric waves in the brain. Algorithm was able to judge the thoughts physicist as signals and signs to represent them as a grid.
"Our intention was to see if there are any changes in signal and that is what I observed," said Low. Now intends to repeat strudiul NeuroVigil a larger population of individuals suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.
Source: New York Times

Recharge electronic devices will be wireless.

Think for a moment as well as if you could recharge electronic devices without connecting them or removing them from the bag? Well, WiTricity Corporation of Watertown, USA, has developed a new technology that can be made wireless energy transfer.

Eric Gilera, WiTricity CEO, said the technology will be available starting this year. The product will be sold to consumers directly, but by the manufacturer. The latter will integrate magnetic coils phones, laptops and other products or systems.

The company also signed a contract with American MediaTek, a Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer, which will develop wireless recharging systems to be integrated into the headset for mobile, in tablets or other devices. Moreover, WiTricity develops wireless technology for recharging electric cars. In the near future, this technology will be used in medicine.

Technology created by Americans is based on magnetic induction, the process used for fparte simple devices such as electric toothbrushes. These brushes have a magnetic coil, an element that generates a magnetic field. A second coil is at the top of the brush and is used to capture a part of that magnetic field, a process that generates electricity.

But toothbrushes only transfers energy from the first coil to the second, at very short distances. WiTricity managed to increase this distance to about four feet.

Technology of the WiTricity was developed by Marin Soljacic, a professor of physics in MIT. He was able to increase the distance between the coils by polishing their design.

Source: The New Tork Times

Top 10 Mysteries of the Bible.

Bible! Is there in human knowledge of any object, any place or person about which they can discuss, complain and tell more than the Bible? Surely few things in human culture can equal the Scriptures when it comes to history, legend and controversy. The Bible is a fountain of knowledge, is the cornerstone of Christianity and the bedside book of over a billion believers worldwide. But at the same time, the translation from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Vecchi, encoded language, secret passages and how lack of it is written, the mystery surrounding a series of topics and episodes of "prejudice" divine. Ten of them are distinguished by mystification woven around them.

10. Holy Grail
Mystery: Where is the Holy Grail?

According to Christian mythology, the Holy Grail was the amphora, bowl or cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper, container which is said to possess miraculous powers. There is a legend that speaks of Joseph of Arimathea, a close friend of Jesus and who buried the lifeless body, who took possession of the Grail after an appearance and even the Saviour would be awarded. Joseph had taken the ship and would have asked his apostles to carry it within Britain. Belief in the Grail and interest in the possible places where they could find no never waned. It was assumed, over time, that he would be in possession of several groups. Most suspicions in this respect have raised the Knights Templar, probably because they were at the height of their influence in the Grail stories began to circulate.


There are, in some churches, which falls on the cups would be suspect, each Grail. An example is the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Valencia, whose Holy Grail is believed to have been transported to St. Peter in Rome in the first century, and then in Huesca, Spain by Saint Lawrence, in the third century. Chalice of Valencia has some features that would qualify for the position of true Grail, his roots are approximated from the fourth century BC and first century AD, somewhere in the Middle East. Other stories support the idea that the Grail could be buried beneath Roslin Chapel or lies deep in the cellars of the Tower of St. Michael, on the hill Glastonbury, United Kingdom. Meanwhile, some sources advancing the idea that members of a secret occult protects Grail bloodline. However, perhaps the dark suspicion that hovers around this idea, born of the Latin form of "San Graal" - "Sang Real", meaning "royal blood", targeting possible existence of followers of Jesus Christ, descendants of that i would mention just some of many apocryphal scripts (scripts written in the same time or earlier than the Bible, but not make up your Bible). But it remains to eloquent evidence, just an invention of the impact of a contemporary best-seller.

9. Ark of the Covenant.
Mystery: Where is the Ark of the Covenant?

Ark of the Covenant, also called artifact as mentioned in Exodus chapter in the Bible, is the most important treasure of the "chosen people". For Israelis, it was the most sacred object on Earth, created by God Himself through Moses on Mount Sinai. Ark was a massive trunk, covered with gold, 118 centimeters long, 78 inches tall and wide, with a pair of wooden handles on one side and the other with two cherubs of gold willing face to face, with large wings, lid. Chest had to house sacred relics, including two stone tablets on which were written the Ten Commandments and a pot of manna from heaven, which fell to Jewish food in the wilderness, after the Red Sea had passed, they were released from slavery in Egypt . Jerusalem, capital of the kingdom of Israel and the house of Solomon's Temple, was also the place where the Ark of the Covenant was housed.

In 607 i.Hr city was robbed by the Babylonians, hundreds of thousands of Hebrew being killed. 70 years later, when the Israelites returned to the city, the Ark disappeared. Since then, not sure what happened to this priceless relic, and various rumors were fueled only by speculation. Of these, the most common is that the Ark was hidden by the Israelites to escape the city before, with the Babylonian occupation. Possible locations are said to be Mount Nebo in Egypt or Ethiopia. The question is, however, if the Ark was hidden by the Israelis, why they did not recover when returned to rebuild the city? Despite the lack of evidence, Ethiopian Orthodox faith in Ark in Aksum continued to be strong . According to legend, the giant burial site of kings of Aksum was hidden Ark of the Covenant, the most precious treasure of Israel. Over 1,700 years old and 24 meters high, the Aksum Obelisk, the Ark was supposedly weighs no less than 100 tons. Absolutely incredible mystery obelisk lifting caused many to launch all kinds of theories, which more or less fantastic. But, until today, arhelogii could not fully explore the underground labyrinth under a granite colossus. In addition, scientists today have not been able to explain why underground maze is guarded so damned deadly traps for anyone attempting to explore the tunnels. Some believe that the Ark was destroyed by the Babylonians, while others believe is that God himself hid the Ark by divine intervention and the artifact will be found only by the righteous. Since there is no mention of destruction, people have stopped even today to look for and try unraveling the great mystery.

8 Sodom and Gomorrah
: There were real cities? And if so, where were?

For the sins and moral dirt of their inhabitants Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboim were destroyed by "fire and brimstone from God in heaven" (Genesis 19:24-25). In Christianity and Islam, the name of two cities have become synonymous with sin total, inexcusable, and their hair to be confused with a proverbial manifestation of God's anger. However, the historical existence of Sodom and Gomorrah is still a subject of debate in Radul archaeologists. The Bible tells the location somewhere near the Dead Sea. Possible candidates are, in this case, the sites visited by archaeologists discovered or Walter E. Rast and Thomas Schaub R in 1973, among which include the Bab edh-Dhra, excavated in 1965 by archaeologist Paul Lapp.

Other possibilities include Numeira regions, es-Safi, Feifeh and Khanazir, which were also visited by Schaub and Rast. All these sites are located near the Dead Sea, traces of burning sulfur and many of the rocks and are characterized, it seems, by a sudden cessation of stocking by the end of Early Bronze Age. South of the Dead Sea is a mountain known as Mount Sodom. Location of the five cities which are said to have been destroyed along with Sodom and Gomorrah was established by making maps using satellites, by identifying geometric shapes, particularly rectangular. City walls found in these places and houses of them have substantial size, indicating that people of great stature once inhabited these places. Even traces of a ziggurat (pyramid stairs) were found, with similar shapes as the Sphinx of Egypt is in the region. There were hundreds of formations found here sulfur, stones composed of pure sulfur powder. Tested the foremost experts Volcanology, confirmed that nowhere else in the world, even near active volcanoes, no stones have also found composition.

7 .Garden of Eden
Mystery: Where is the Garden of Eden?

While most theologians and the 'Biblical' believes that passage narrates about the Garden of Eden is probably symbolic, others believe that the place really existed, right here on Earth. Furthermore, the Bible would provide some clues fairly clear reference to its exact location. This conviction led to the organization of many attempts to locate the garden. Creation story of Genesis mentions both geographical location of Eden, Garden of the four biblical rivers (Pison, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates) and the three regions Bible (Havilah, Assyria and Kush).

There are assumptions that indicate the position of Eden is in the Tigris and Euphrates rivers springs north of Mesopotamia, or in Iraq, in Africa or the Persian Gulf. While true location remains a mystery, there is fascinating detail the story: Ethiopia is mentioned as being near or surrounded the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2:13 ("And the name of the second river is Gehon, who hatched the same realm Ethiopia "). Since 1974, paleontologists have excavated through six million years of life and concluded that Ethiopia may be declared scientific location of human origins, a veritable Garden of Eden, from the perspective of Science.

: The Bible appears to contain encoded messages, is a coincidence?

"And thou, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book until the end of" Daniel 12:4. Research of scientists have confirmed, in recent years, a hypothesis which stated that in the Bible there are included, besides the obvious spiritual guidance, and a secret code that can reveal and events that take place thousands of years after writing Bible. Bible Code was discovered in the Old Testament in the original version of the Bible, written in Hebrew. The author of this discovery is Dr. Eliyahu Rips, one of the leading world expert in group theory underlying quantum physics. Rips's discovery was confirmed by famous mathematicians at Harvard, Yale and Hebrew University. On September 1, 1994, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was warned by a letter from a Jew mathematician his name was decoded from the text of the Bible, with the phrase "criminal will kill". The message was ignored. On November 4, 1995, Rabin was killed by a bullet in the back by a man who thought invested with a divine mission. It is a murder encoded in the Bible over 2000 years ago?

Following the event, a whole series of episodes from the Bible explicitly deciphered came true. Rips's theory about the Bible code Bible considered as a giant crossword grid. To find the code, Rips eliminated all the spaces between words and turned the entire original Bible into one continuous string of letters, including 304,805 characters. The information is obtained by selecting each letter of the Na, where N is an accurate and appropriate value chosen. A simple example would be this: we have the sentence "How to get data" that it becomes compact "cumsaobtiidate", from which we select, from the first, every fifth letter - "CumsaObtiiDate" and as result the word "code "". With a computer, are sought in the matrix formed by the biblical text made ​​in the form described above, words and phrases hidden codes of intervals. it starts at the first letter of the Bible and look for every possible sequence of intervals words required, deciphered with intervals of one, two, three letters, etc.., to several thousand. then repeat the same search operation starting from the second letter and so continued to the last letter of the Bible.

5. Lost Tribes
: What happened to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel?

Ever since the Assyrians exiled the Lost Tribes of Israel, in the eighth century BC., Continuing mystery of their lives since then deepened with time, without ever being elucidated. Where did they go? Are legitimate statements of contemporary groups, who claim to descend directly from the lost tribes? With more than 2,700 years ago, the Assyrians exiled the ten tribes of the Kingdom of Israel. In the years 722-721 BC, the ten tribes who made up the Northern Kingdom of Israel disappeared. Assyrian King Shalmaneser V conquered, were exiled to Mesopotamia and Medes superior, Syria and Iraq today. The Ten Tribes have not been seen since. Or not really? James, son of Patriarch Abraham, was renamed Israel when God revealed while he was leaving Padn-aram, and blessed. Jacob had 12 sons, each of which became the father of each one of the twelve tribes of Israel: Reuven, Shimon, Levi, Yehuda, Issachar, Zevulun, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Joseph, Benjamin.

Bible! Is there in human knowledge of any object, any place or person about which they can discuss, complain and tell more than the Bible? Surely few things in human culture can equal the Scriptures when it comes to history, legend and controversy. The Bible is a fountain of knowledge, is the cornerstone of Christianity and the bedside book of over a billion believers worldwide. But at the same time, the translation from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek Vecchi, encoded language, secret passages and how lack of it is written, the mystery surrounding a series of topics and episodes of "prejudice" divine. Ten of them are distinguished by mystification woven around them.

In the Land of Canaan, each of the 12 Israelite tribes founded many different region on both sides of the Jordan River. After a longer period, a monarchy was established, but with the death of King Solomon, the state was divided in two. Tribes split on political lines and territorial Judah and Benjamin in the south, loyal Davidiene house, and the rest of the tribes in the north, led by succession monarchy. Southern tribes are the historical roots of many Hebrew as they are known today. And the Ten Tribes of the Northern Kingdom? It seems to have been removed forever. But the prophet Ezekiel dreamed of a different future: "I will take the sons of Israel and I will gather some and bring their land. And it will be divided into two kingdoms." Over centuries and continents, prophetic words were planted in the hearts of Jews from the same idea that the tribe will be brought back together and will rebuild the kingdom of God. But first, the Ten Lost Tribes must be found. There are some sources which proves that the descendants of these tribes would have been found in Persia and the Arabian Peninsula by Benjamin of Tudela, son of Jonah, who in 1165 embarked on a journey through the world, visiting the Jewish communities predilection. However, there remain only assumptions.

4. FARAON Exodus
: Who was the Pharaoh of Exodus?

It is clear that this attribute belongs to the king who ruled during ancient Egypt when Moses parted the Red Sea and led his people to freedom, in what was known as Exodus. But who exactly was this Pharaoh, given that this episode in the Bible is given a concrete identity? Logically, it seems relatively easy to deduce, when making a parallel between Exodus and Pharaoh of Egypt at that time. But on the Exodus and float on the exact date of the event disputes Bible. The researchers concluded, Deciphering the chronology suggested in Kings 6:1, the Scriptures would advance since 1445 BC. the year of the Exodus. If the information is correct, it happened in the third year of the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep II.

However, as additional information in the Old Testament, shows that his predecessor Amenhotep, Thutmose III as pharaoh only in chronological interval specified in Kings ruled 6:1 that would be enough (54 years) that it is the Departure throne when Moses and die shortly after his return to Egypt. This would mean that Pharaoh Thutmose III to be oppression and Exodus Pharaoh Amenhotep II. The most common imaginary image in popular culture is that of Ramses the Great, with the pharaoh mentioned in the Old Testament, although no documentary or archaeological evidence esta it had to do with the plagues of Egypt or that would be pursued Hebrew slaves in Egypt while fleeing. Would flat upon some suspicion and Merneptah, in the form of a poem so-called Israel Stal: "Israel was wiped off the face of the earth ... tribe no longer exists". However, we can not say that this phrase appears in any evidence to support firmly the identity of a particular position of pharaoh during the Exodus.

3. Noah's Ark
: Where is Noah's Ark?

The later of Eusebius of Caesarea (275-339 AD), bishop in Palestine, theologian, apologist and historian of the Christian Church, even today, the physical remains of Noah's Ark made ​​a subject of fascination and their search important field of activity for both Christians and Muslims as well as Hebrew. Until recently, despite any alleged observation and expeditions, no physical evidence of the ark could not be found. This search has been stigma of "witch hunt" by some archaeologists. Ark searchers have had few clues to guide them to artifact, beyond the mention in Genesis of "mountains of Ararat". By the early XXI century, two main candidates have emerged for exploration: the so-called Ararat anomaly, near the summit of Mount Ararat (called "anomaly" because it was until recently only one aerial and satellite image showing a blackened area of snow and ice on top) and the Durupinar site, near the Dogubayazit, 29 miles south of Great Ararat peak.

However, recently, a group of Chinese and Turkish explorers in search of Biblical relics said it may have found Noah's Ark, at an altitude of 4,000 meters on Mount Ararat in Turkey. The team says it has collected specimens from a wooden structure on Mount Ararat, located in eastern Turkey, which radiocarbon dating has established origins 4800 years ago, a period coinciding with the one that is believed to Noah's Flood occurred. "We are not 100% sure it's the Ark but 99.9% of it is," said Yeung Wing-Cheung, a Hong Kong filmmaker and member of the team of 15 people located on Noah's Ark marks. Structure discovered by Chinese-Turkish partnership have several compartments, some of which contained wooden cages, it is believed that animals were kept. Local officials will ask Turkish government in Ankara to apply for world heritage status by UNESCO, so that recently discovered to be protected site while archaeological excavations will be performed around it. According to the biblical story contained in the Old Testament, God decided to pour a flood on the Earth after seeing how it was declined and told Noah to build an ark, which provide shelter to many a pair of each species of animal. After the flood waters receded, the Bible, the ark on a mountain amazed. Many believe that Mount Ararat, the highest point of the region where they are, is where Noah's Ark and its occupants returned to the ground.

2. Serpent tempting
: How animals showed before original sin? But the man?

"Lord God said to the serpent:" Because you have done this, cursed to be in all animals and among all wild animals, on your belly you crawl and eat dust all the days of your life "(Genesis 3: 14). fragment "on your pantacele you crawl", delivered as a punishment from the Creator, is quite clear that before this condemnation, the snake, as we know it today, looks different, or at least, had another means of locomotion. What was it you?

Does snake have wings and fly, before being sentenced to a life of crawling, or at least some states with which you move the earth, like lizards? Given the shape and size of snakes, regardless of their species of origin, it is difficult to imagine that he had wings or legs. In the best case, could look like miriapozi, but certainly no locomotor this feature would not be eased in a particularly moving, so depriving tens of feet to come as a damnation.

Mystery: There were other people on earth besides Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel? Who made ​​them?

"For now banish me from this land, I will hide from your face and will be troubled and fugitive on earth, and whoever you meet me will kill me. And the Lord said:" Not so but whosoever shall kill Cain shall be punished sevenfold. "and the Lord put a mark on Cain, that whosoever that will meet not kill. and Cain went out from before God and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden . Then Cain knew his wife and she conceived, gave birth to Enoch. and Enoch was born Irad, "Genesis (4:14-18). The first part of this sequence of verses only raises questions and leaves room for speculation. A very thorough analysis can generate a debate from the words "I will meet anyone" and "Whoever kills Cain", given that Adam, Eve and Cain were the only people on Earth, deducting the biblical information until that time. But with enough indulgence, it is assumed that both God and Cain were referring to Adam, Eve and animals on Earth by the word "everyone", even if it seems unnatural.

But that, starting after he killed Abel, Cain went to the land of Nod, on whose building by God does not say anything in advance and there and the pair found a woman with whom he had a son , in turn, became a parent, many question the original premise. Both the land of Nod, which had nothing to be classified as if it were not so populated and consists of one, and his wife Cain are two highly controversial elements, which anyway would be interpreted, advancing the idea that originate outside the pair, Adam and Eve, who conceived Cain and Abel, there were people, about whose existence does not mention anything in the opening verses of Genesis. Even if we accept the idea that they were all children of Adam and Eve, Cain crosses a woman now would mean cosangvinica with neither more nor less than his sister.We do not know anything about the woman with whom Cain had children, but an incestuous episode, without any further reprimand or divine punishment - at least mentioned in the Bible - is shown very clearly in the Old Testament. After episode Sodom and Gomorrah, the only survivor is as faithful and Lot and his two daughters. Immediately after the destruction of two cities: "And Lot went out of Zoar, and dwelt in the mountains with his two daughters, because he feared to dwell in Zoar, and dwelt in a cave with two daughters her. Then he said to the sea to the smallest: "Our father is old and nobody in that land, to come to us, as is customary land. Let but our father drunk with wine and we will lie with him and stand descendants of the island! "And have their father drunk with wine that night and that night, falling to the older, the sleeping with her father and felt he did when he slept and when she arose. And the next day said the oldest to the youngest: "Behold, I slept last night with my father imbued him with wine tonight and you go and lie with him that we may preserve offspring from our father, "and he was drunk with the wine that night and went and the smallest and lay with him, and he did not know when she lay down nor when she arose. and remained both daughters of Lot from their father. and had the highest a son and named him Moab, saying: "It is of my father". He is the father of Moab, which are today. and had the smallest one son and named him Ben-Ammi, saying: "He's the son of my people." This is the father of the Ammonites, which are today. "Genesis 19:30-38