Origin of life on Earth, revealed new experiments. Scientists have found new evidence that serve to elucidate a long-sought mystery: who was the source of life on our planet.Research confirms that life on Earth is due to comets that bombarded our planet billions of years ago, storing essential ingredients for his appearance here.

An asteroid with a diameter of 50 meters will pass close to 
Earth in 2013 read more
An asteroid the destructive force of a hydrogen bomb will pass Earth at a distance less than a commercial satellite.Asteroid 2012 DA14 passes Earth once a year and the next "visit" in February 2013, will reach only 24,000 kilometers away.Researchers say that the asteroid will collide with Earth not next year, but not prevent it to happen sometime in the future.If this asteroid would enter Earth's atmosphere and would explode, the force generated by the explosion would be big enough to destroy an area the size of London.

Mii de miliarde de planete din galaxia noastră ar putea găzdui viaţă 

Thousands of billions of planets in our galaxy could host life
Astronomers investigate planets suitable for life support in the Milky Way estimated that the number of these bodies may amount to several thousand billion.Research indicates that around 40% of red dwarf stars (the most common in our galaxy).....

After 10 years of observations, astronomers in the UK have managed to create an incredible picture showing almost a billion stars in the Milky Way.Image was achieved by combining images taken in infrared telescopes in the southern hemisphere and the north. Astronomers in the UK and Chile have gathered and processed data, and then archive them in Edinburgh and Cambridge

Stephen Hawking could communicate through the power of thought. 

A device the size of a matchbox called iBRAIN, could help English physicist Stephen Hawking, paralyzed by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis effect, to communicate the power of thought.

Privind în trecut pentru a descifra secretele Universului: proiectul SKA(VIDEO) Looking to the past to unlock secrets of the universe: SKA project.

Are there aliens? What happened immediately after the Big Bang? How to form stars and black holes? These questions express just some of the mysteries could be solved by "the largest scientific project in history": radio telescope Square Kilometer Array (SKA)