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Leonardo da Vinci

Among his paintings as masterpieces of the period came renascentine, Leonardo da Vinci found his time to designing their own inventions. Among his notes, mostly written in mirror were discovered drawings portray bizarre machines and extraordinary scheme, drawn up in the smallest detail. Many of the ideas that formed the basis of these drawings have never been enforced, but others were costruite a few centuries later, such as rudimentary helicopter.

  Leonardo da Vinci: Illustration for the book The Divine proportional Luca Pacioli, 1509

Mona Lisa

In March 1503 Leonardo began work famous portrait known as La Gioconda or Mona Lisa. Leonardo was very attached to this painting, carrying it with him always. Lomazzo painter and art historian writes that "Leonardo did not finish because she never knew if it had something to say ... always returned to work on it, and never seemed to finish". Fine features of women represented give a permanent mobility, an uninterrupted flow of moods of great diversity, with a mysterious smile ever expect to rise to soften or even disappear. It is said that Leonardo, while working to maintain fugitive smile of the model, set to be playing music of great suavity.
In the period 1495-1498 makes a great wall composition, "Last Supper". This was done in the former Dominican monastery dining room "Santa Maria delle Grazie" in Milan, reaching the height of his artistic skill. Unlike other painters who, in rendering this issue, depicted the moment when Jesus announces that he will die soon, Leonardo is the dramatic development that is uttering the words "One of you will betray me", when the apostles, that have first moments of surprise again, I express their different spiritual revolt and panic Jude draws a gesture of defense.
Scientific concerns

In adversity, Leonardo carried a large job, disecând than 30 bodies, painstakingly studying each organ and tissue, restoring them in drawings of a great power of suggestion, with full scientific fidelity, in most of the Royal Gallery of Windsor castle. In 1498 developing a detailed design of a "Treatise of Anatomy", which is not achieved.In Urban's history, Leonardo is among the first to build open plan modern city, totally different from the medieval city walls, fortresses limited.Notable for understanding Leonardo's writings are, "Treatise on Painting" (Trattato della PITTURA), came later, after his death in 1651, or "geometric Ludo" (1514).


PreoMai than any science, it would attract Leonardo mechanics. On this basis various complicated devices designed for technical construction, and imagined the possibility of flying machines from his studies of bird flight.

In biology, is particularly noted for his interest in plant forms, making the drawings internal organs and structures. Playback image of the human body, human anatomy studied in detail compared with the animal, especially horses.

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