Saturday, March 24, 2012

The controversial image of the moment: alien spaceship near Mercury? (VIDEO)

 A camera mounted on board NASA's STEREO spacecraft captured an image put on fire on UFO hunters. They claim that it was an alien spacecraft, "parked" near the planet Mercury, and remains convinced that despite the scientific explanations offered by experts on how the image appeared.Camera captured the image of a magnetic wave of charged particles originating from the Sun (issued in the form of a so-called coronal mass ejection) hits the planet Mercury, closest to the Sun. The frame appears around the planet, something that seems to be the image of another "object" of that wave particle strikes.Commenting images, some siniXster said in a commentary played on YouTube, it's about a cylindrical object, with a portion of another form in the middle, in his opinion, there can be only about a giant spaceship, "parked "and hidden near Mercury and its presence was revealed accidentally coronal mass ejection due to the Sun.Responding to requests to provide an explanation, physicists at the Naval Research Laboratory (NLR) of the U.S. analyzed data from the Heliospheric Imager-1, room telescopic images were taken, and gave explanations about how it should be controversial image appeared.

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