Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recharge electronic devices will be wireless.

Think for a moment as well as if you could recharge electronic devices without connecting them or removing them from the bag? Well, WiTricity Corporation of Watertown, USA, has developed a new technology that can be made wireless energy transfer.

Eric Gilera, WiTricity CEO, said the technology will be available starting this year. The product will be sold to consumers directly, but by the manufacturer. The latter will integrate magnetic coils phones, laptops and other products or systems.

The company also signed a contract with American MediaTek, a Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer, which will develop wireless recharging systems to be integrated into the headset for mobile, in tablets or other devices. Moreover, WiTricity develops wireless technology for recharging electric cars. In the near future, this technology will be used in medicine.

Technology created by Americans is based on magnetic induction, the process used for fparte simple devices such as electric toothbrushes. These brushes have a magnetic coil, an element that generates a magnetic field. A second coil is at the top of the brush and is used to capture a part of that magnetic field, a process that generates electricity.

But toothbrushes only transfers energy from the first coil to the second, at very short distances. WiTricity managed to increase this distance to about four feet.

Technology of the WiTricity was developed by Marin Soljacic, a professor of physics in MIT. He was able to increase the distance between the coils by polishing their design.

Source: The New Tork Times


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