Monday, April 2, 2012

A billion stars in one picture!

After 10 years of observations, astronomers in the UK have managed to create an incredible picture showing almost a billion stars in the Milky Way.

Image was achieved by combining images taken in infrared telescopes in the southern hemisphere and the north. Astronomers in the UK and Chile have gathered and processed data, and then archive them in Edinburgh and Cambridge universities.

Now, picture and information were available to researchers worldwide who want to deepen and continue to investigate this area.

"This incredible image gives us a new perspective on the galaxy and illustrate discoveries made over the years of research. With informed processed, archived and published research teams fans, other scientists will be able to continue their work using these data in a productive way, without them having to generate them, "said Dr. Nick Cross, University of Edinburgh, department of Physics and Astronomy.

The research was conducted with UK Infrared Telescope in Hawaii and Vista telescope in Chile. Also, astronomers used infrared instead of visible light to "see" beyond the dust in the Milky Way and record details of the center.

Source: Daily Mail

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