Sunday, March 4, 2012

A mysterious mummy discovered in Peru!

Anthropologists have made ​​a strange discovery in Peru: a mummy with a giant skull.

Discovery belongs to Renato Davila Riquelme, an anthropologist at the museum in Cusco Andean Privado loudest. The mummy was found in Andahuaylillas town in the province Quispicanchi.

Riquelme claims that the orbits are much larger than those of ordinary human skulls.

Also, the skull is open fontanelle, which would suggest that it belongs to a baby but there are also two large molars, typical characteristic of adults.

Riquelme claims that three Spanish and Russian anthropologists have examined the skull and said it was "not a human being".

"Although their analysis was superficial, it is clear that the mummy is unlike any ethnic group in the world," said Riquelme.

Researchers have discovered the remains of a right eyeballs in orbit, will analyze DNA to clarify the origins of the mysterious mummies.

A possible explanation for the bizarre skull of the mummy as a tribal ritual of stretching. Skull deformity practice dates back 9,000 years, is practiced in cultures around the world, the Mayan Indians and Australian Aborigines to

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