Monday, February 27, 2012

Colonized space or on Earth will disappear !

Sinister above verdict was given to the entire world by the famous scientist Sthepen Hawking, who shoot with this occasion, yet a warning on irreversible destruction of Nature: a disaster that will lead ultimately not very far to the extinction of species.

In a recent interview, the famous scientist said that currently, is "optimistic" about mankind's chances to stop the madness and tehnologizarii industrialization, but cautions that these hundreds of years, mankind's chances of survival are minimal.

"I see great dangers for the human race. In the recent past, the survival of humanity was on the edge on several occasions, the Cuban Missile Crisis, held in 1963, is just one example. Frequency of such adverse events will increase future, I have no doubt about that. we need common sense and wisdom if we are to escape from their traps well that we reach out. "Hawking warns

"But I'm an optimist by nature. If in the next 200 years will put us avoid disasters endangered species, then we can colonize space. If we are really the only intelligent beings in the galaxy, then we have a duty to survive . human population and reckless rate of exploitation resurelor Earth increases exponentially with the technical capacity to change the surrounding environment for better or worse. choice is ours. problem is related to our genetic code that holds our insinctele aggressive and selfish, you I used the past as the main means of survival, "said Stephen Hawking who predicts the end of the interview, if in future we will build a means of locomotion with time travel, only future direction, then the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein issued will be invalidated.

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